Meet the Yowie

  • At four feet tall with shaggy hair,
    Lurks a little misunderstood guy,
    Across the hills of King Valley,
    His presence they can’t deny.
  • Seeking the finest barley and purest water,
    A fertile landscape can offer.
    The premium ingredients for a perfect brew,
    To fill his winter coffer.
  • A lonesome being who guards his brew,
    Just as any humanoid should,
    We found the recipe within his lair,
    In the deepest of the woods.
  • Preservative free and pure in process,
    Whilst all the magic lives,
    The smooth quenching flavour burst,
    The Yowie’s Lager gives.

The process

Tasting Notes

Clean and well balanced in flavour Yowie Lager is complimentary to a range of palates. The style is unique in the fact that it utilises the purest of water, giving it a clean body and crisp finish. The signature stamp is undoubtedly the sublime earthy undertones and mineral zest, refreshing on both the palate and the mind.

The Pilsner malt overtones combined with noble Saaz hops dance for your taste buds, while a hint of bitterness and subtle herbal aromas perform the perfect swan song for an all-round flavour. Artistic in process and directly dependant on the brewery’s natural resources, Yowie Lager is proud to differentiate itself from commercial competitors.


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